Kolkata ( West Bengal ): H.E. Sri Jagdeep Dhankhar, Governor of West Bengal, along with his wife Mrs. Sudesh Dhankhar; Mrs. Alokananda Roy, well-known classical dancer; Rajayogi BK Suraj from Mount Abu; BK Geeta from Mount Abu; BK Sandeep from Mount Abu; and BK Kanan, Incharge of Kolkata Museum, were present at the Candle Lighting Ceremony during the inauguration of the launching of the theme “God’s power for Golden Age” at Kala Mandir Auditorium, where the topic of the evening was  “Spirituality for Tolerance, Peace & Harmony”.

West Bengal Governor H.E. Sri Jagdeep Dhankharji said, “Nowadays in this world, all are full of tension, worry and disturbed – be young or old. Although today’s people are wealthy physically, spiritually they are poor. The wealthy are worried for sustaining their future generations. I am requesting you all that you please reject your anger and give respect to all and behave peacefully. Brahma Kumaris teaches live life by connecting to spirituality and inner values. After visiting the Brahma Kumaris Head Quarters in Mt. Abu, I felt like emerging the peace within me and doing selfless service.”

Sri Dinesh Trivediji, former Indian Railway Minister, said, We all must know the value of life and accordingly use our time because two things are permanent or constant in this world: first is death, and second is change. We have to bring change in the self by the knowledge given by God and then universal good wishes will be created. Now Deepavali is coming and true diwali is to make life happy through the light of knowledge. I am connected with the Brahma Kumaris for last 40 years and I believe the greatest work is to know myself and change.

Senior Rajayogi BK Suraj asked all to focus on their thoughts, and to replace each negative thought with a positive one. He said to practice Silence, we need to sit in Silence and create elevated thoughts of the self, beginning from the very moment we wake up from sleep. The first 5 to 10 minutes after getting up from sleep, we must focus our thoughts on the goal that we have set for the self, and also to create all positive, powerful and elevated thoughts of the self. We have to reduce our ego by all means to enjoy good relationships in the family. He mentioned a story: A lady with a 5-year-old son came to him and narrated her story. She is an MBA and her husband was also an Engineer with an MBA. However, he got a job as a probationary officer in a bank whereas she got a job as the manager of the bank. So, because of her ego she used to tell her husband that she is higher than him in position and money. Initially, he used to laugh but later on, after some time, their son was born, he quietly left the home with a suitcase and traveled to Dubai, changed his SIM card and he is gone forever from her. This she felt was because of her having too much ego.

Senior Rajyogini BK Kanan said, the creator of this world Supreme Father Supreme Soul is giving us power along with Godly knowledge through which we can fill our life with peace and happiness and stay free of tension and have energy to do elevated karma. There are many practical examples of people having a lot of difficulties and constraints, who now are living a happy life by applying the Godly knowledge in their daily activities. This is proof that with God’s Power you can change habits and the world. So we can make life happy through Raja Yoga.

Well-known Classical Dancer Alokananda Roy said in her speech that, we all should have universal good wishes in us and not consider anyone as small, even if he may be a jail bird. We must make them feel peace and love. No one is a convict by birth. We must consider all as children of God and teach them through art, dance, songs and poetry, inspiring them to lead a life filled with  peace and love. If we give good wishes to all, then happiness will stay in their lives, and this job is being done very nicely by the peaceful sisters of the Brahma Kumaris.


Credits: Brahma Kumari Daily News

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