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Alokananda Roy is an internationally acclaimed exponent of Indian classical dance, a reformer of souls and a mother. A former Miss India first runner-up, her beauty is enveloped in a heart that has given to society a rare bouquet of hope.

Her work involving reforms for jail inmates, especially for convicts under-trials through her art and love-therapy has provided new life to hardened criminals and earned her fame that has crossed the borders of the country into faraway lands where her work is used as a template for reforms.

While her love is in surfeit, she is not the one to pull punches while addressing societal injustice. She refuses to espouse stale political pronouncements and never lacks the inner strength to face injustice, whoever be her opponent. She has lived up to her guru Rishi Aurobindo’s words: “The great are strongest when they stand alone, a God-given might of being is their force.” This website talks about her life, her life’s discoveries and experiences, as well as her teachings.

Alokananda Roy