In 1990, she married Mr. Arjun Dutta, a family acquaintance and an entrepreneur . Mr. Dutta had gone through a similar tragedy when he lost his first wife and was left with two daughters, Meghna and Mohuna. And she became mother to two more daughters.

In February, 1992 Priyanka got married to Thean Lai Law, and December that year her first grandson, Yan Cheng Law was born.

In 1991, 1992, 1996 and 1997 she conducted various lecture-demonstrations and workshops for different institutions in the USA and the UK.

Also around this time her involvement with social issues became a priority in her life. Her lifelong association with various causes started with her involvement with different NGOs. She worked for under-privileged children, through the social initiative Inspiration Foundation, from 1997.


It started when she visited Calcutta Emmanuel School as chief guest and found talented children, who were under-privileged and thus deprived of opportunities in creative activities and performing arts. Thereby she asked, to have them sent to her for a talent search. She invited different NGOs and identified extraordinary talents from them, in dance, music, recitation and art. They performed all over the city. Many of the children trained by Inspiration Foundation have today matured as responsible adults and are leading inspirational lives.

Parallely, her experiments with stage , literature and dance enhanced her creative forte with productions like Meghdoot, of Kalidas.

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