Tagore’s social sensitivity sets the plot of the dance drama Chandalika (The girl born to a crematory worker). The plight and discrimination of a low caste untouchable girl’s evolves into a protest against the social injustice. Only sensed and understood by a Buddhist monk Ananda, who accepts her the way she is without any judgements. Prakriti falls in love with the monk and desires to have the monk as a life-partner. She urges her mother to cast a spell of black magic on him and get him attracted to her. Ananda is tormented by the spell but does not give into the lure. Instead, forgives Prakiti and her mother. They get moved by the act of kindness and renounce the world to embrace Buddhism. Performing through this dance drama Ms Roy had experienced a special social sensibility and a rare spiritual awakening, which has been her motivation towards social issues.

Some of the songs, Nabo bosontero danero dali, Phul bole dhanya ami matirporey, Sudhu ektu gondusho jol, Ei notun jonmo, Chokkhe amar trishna have theatrically brought out the social stigma of discrimination, through her dance.

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