Shattering the wall of illusion by true love is this mythical story by Tagore, set in the court of the king of heaven Indra. Sourasen and Madhusree are heavenly cultural performers in the court of the gods.They loved each other,and while Sourasen distracted by the sight and thoughts of Madhusree mal-performs his music in the court. He invites the displeasure of king Indra, who curses them to live a mortal life on earth. Sourasen and Madhusree pleads for forgiveness and redemption back to the heaven. To which Indra agrees, but on condition that they would love each other unconditionally and truly no matter what the situation be . Only then they would be redeemed. Thereafter in the mortal lives Sourasen is born as a physically deformed king Aruneswar and Madhusree is born as a beautiful princess, Kamolika. She is married to Aruneswar without the knowledge of his deformity.

Aruneswar communicates with her only in the darkness of the night and impresses her with his sensitive words and soulful music. Kamolika’s insatiable love craves to see him in full view. Finally when she does, she is shocked and disgusted by the sight of his deformity. She deserts him feeling cheated. In the course of events she gains her insight and her realisation of mistakes awakens her true love for Aruneswar.

Subsequently they are reunited in love and the curse is removed by their return to the heaven.

The songs, Jagorone jaye bibhabori, Tumi ki keboli chobi, Sedin dujane dulechhinu bone, Aji dokhino duar khola, Mor bina othe kon sure baji, remains in the hall of classics because of her dance renditions.

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