Matrishakti, is an invocation to the Mother Goddess describing the feminine energy of the universe, which manifests itself through motherhood. By Indian mythology Mother Durga is also refered as Durgatinashini, the dispeller of all evil and negativity.The Universal Mother is unconditional and unbiased which is why she flows unabated with life to one and all, irrespective of cast and creed – like the Ganges. The clay idol makers of the Mother Goddess, begin their work with the holy dip in the water of the Ganges, to purify the mind and body. There after a handful of clay is taken from the river bed along with the soil from the courtyard of nautch girls and sex workers, living along the Ganges. Amalgamating the most downtrodden and neglected of womankind this clay gives shape to the idol of the Mother Goddess, establishing the varied roles of the eternal female on earth. In sombre stillness the idol is placed on the alter where the universal flow of life is instilled and infused into it by man himself. The Prana-pratisthana of the Mother Goddess, by the faith and devotion of her mortal children, evokes Dharitri – the Mother Earth within a mere clay form.

The Female energy takes various forms. She creates with her knowledge as Saraswati, She nurtures and prospers as Lakshmi , She protects from every impending adversities as Durga, She is also the destroyer of evil as Kali. She is worshipped as a mother, adored as a sister, loved as a daughter and also feared as the punisher, by the mortals. She is Prakriti-the nature, She is Shakti- the power within and without, She is Shanti – the eternal peace. All that is pure, is Her and also the impure. The creator, preserver and vanquisher of all evils – Matri Shakti .

This Neo-classical composition along with martial dances narrates the philosophy behind the worship of the Mother Goddess, in an enchantingly captivating visual portrayal. The traditional festive ushering and devotional songs of the Goddess- Agomoni, Nazrulgeeti, Rabindra sangeet, sanskrit hymns, Indian classical vocals, instrumentals and recitations evokes the spirit of Vedic Hinduism.

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