Initially, the choreography was designed for the students of South Point School, in Kolkata. This production was later, chosen by Ms. Roy to orient the inmates of the State Correctional Home – Presidency. The first performance of the inmates took place within Presidency Correctional Home, with a very small audience. The next was a public performance at Rabindra Sadan in 2007 for the Uday Shankar Dance Festival.

The show focuses on the unity of diverse cultures, religions, and communities. Composed of various folk and traditional dances of India, it features Chau dance and Baul song of Bengal, Bhangra of Punjab, Dandia of Gujarat, Kalaripayattu, and Kathakali of Kerala, Folk Dances of Uttar Pradesh and other traditional dances from different corners of the country. The story is of a Baul-a spiritual gypsy traveling across the different states of India and narrating the colorful cultural variations of the country, in the foreground. While dancers performing in the background, project the essence of each individual state and culture.

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