Mayar Khela is a triangular love story, written by R. N. Tagore on an exclusive request by Sarala Roy for the Sakhi Samiti, a Women’s theosophical society. Here the narrators and observers are the Mayakumaris, nymphs with magical powers of creating an illusion. They decide to invite the hearts of the young people of a town with love and desire. Consequently, the love triangle between Shanta, Promoda, and Amar forms and matures. Which is watched and manipulated by the Mayakumaris. Shanta in love with Amar remains unnoticed and unrealized by him.

While Amar is in search of his perfect soulmate and is enticed by the beautiful and emotionless Pramoda. Flirting carelessly Pramoda falls in love with Amar but rejects him playfully. Dejected, Amar returns back to Shanta for solace and surrenders to her. In Amar’s absence, Promoda realizes her mistake and gets back to Amar just when he is getting married to Shanta. As true love had to surface removing illusions so did Amar and Shanta gets married. While Pramoda leaves heartbroken, for the real world of disillusionment.

The songs, Mora jale sthale mayajaalo ganthi , Aaj ki prothomo elo bosonto jibone, Amaro porano jaha chaye, Ami jene shune bish korechi paan, Dibosho rojoni ami jeno kar ashaye ashaye thaki takes the audience through the mystical world of love and illusions.

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