Shakesperare In Prison Conference 2018

A rare experience....... when I was invited by Curt L. Tofteland( Founder of Shakespeare Behind Bars), to the Third International Shakespeare in Prison Conference, at the Old Globe in San Diego, California, March 23rd-25th, 2018. An important gathering of prison arts practitioners, released prisoners, filmmakers, documentarians, solo performers, authors, researchers, correction officials, and government officials from around the world. It was a 3 day, all-day conference from breakfast till dinner. The venue was an artists' paradise, quaint and breathtakingly beautiful. The speakers were from different parts of the world, like Australia, UK, Lebanon, Serbia, Alaska, to name a few. I [...]

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Safe Drive Save Life Half Marathon

Till now my boys in the Correctional Homes have been performing in auditoriums, packed to capacity, allover the country for the last ten years. But January 7th 2018 brought a new ray of light in their lives, when they participated in Half Marathon of 5 kms, organized by Kolkata Police for an awareness campaign, 'Safe Drive, Save Life'. Their public performances were greeted with standing ovation each time, but there was still a line drawn between the public and them, but, that morning they became a part of the celebration, mingling with more than 12,000 participants, running the marathon with [...]

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